Teltron Electronics will refund 100% of the amount if the service is canceled. Please read the refund
policy every time before requesting the service. For the prevention of chargebacks,
Teltron Electronics only does source refunds. It means that money is refunded to the payment
method that the customer used to make the payment. For example, if a Debit card was used to
make the payment, the refund is pushed to the same Debit card. Similarly, in the case of UPI
payments, the refund is pushed to the VPA used while making the payment. Depending on
the bank’s processing time, it can take 5-7 business days for the refunds to reflect in the
customer’s bank account or card balance. In the case of refunds, Teltron Electronics does not charge
any processing fee. However, fees and taxes charged for a captured payment are not reversed.

  1. If the payment method, which you used to make the payment (such as credit/ debit card) at
    the time of purchase, is no longer valid, refund will be issued through a demand draft.
  2. If we receive a payment failure notice from your bank, a refund will be issued through a
    demand draft.
    We will send you an e-mail asking you to call us and provide your name and address where
    you want the demand draft to be sent. After we receive these details, a refund will be

Refund for Pay on Delivery Orders:

For Pay on Delivery orders, refunds will be processed to your bank account (via National
Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT))
If you wish to receive the Pay on Delivery order’s refund to your bank account, you can
update the details of the bank account in the Your Account section or from the Returns Centre
when you are returning an item.