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We Secure Your Building From Lightning Arrester

Teltron Electronics is known as the foremost manufacturer of a high-quality range of Copper & GI Earth Rads, Earth Offered Copper & GI Earth Rads, Earth are well-known for the features like long working life, high functionality, and low maintenance

Our Expertise

We offer Earthing Solutions For Any Industry. The major functions of the Surge Arrester are: It protects the installation from inside. The surge protector protects the system from lightning, switching, electrical faults, and other transient voltages and surges. While, the major functions of the Lightning Arrester are: It protects the system from the outside. Lightning arresters are mainly used for lightning strikes and associated surges.


The lightning arrester serves in protecting against surges and lightning strikes. Our lightning arrester implements a low impedance route to the terrain for the current from the lightning strike or transient voltage and then reestablishes it in general condition.


The earthing compound is used for the prevention of current leakage. A backfill compound is added to the soil for the absorption of moisture around the earthing electrode.


It is manufactured in an electrolytic cell by a technique called electroplating. Mild steel is electroplated with copper in the process. It is, therefore, corrosion resistant and has high electrical conductivity.